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Financial assistance – school fees

Paying for your child’s school fees

On this page we provide information and advice on school fees and tuition fees for private school education and fees for boarding schools. In particular, we provide information on funding for private school fees and financial assistance.

All schools in the York Boarding School Group are committed to widening access for children whose families would not normally be able to afford independent school fees.

There are a variety of ways parents can obtain fees funding:

  1. Parents are encouraged to apply to individual schools. Each school has its own scheme and qualifications criteria – these are generally listed on the school’s website, or via a telephone call to the admissions department.
  2. Through charities, trusts and organisations that have funding available – links to these are provided below.

Joint Educational Trust (JET)
Help for children between the ages of 7 and 13 who are “at risk”. Usually boarding need, but will consider day cases where there is a clear reason. There must be an element of social deprivation – neither learning difficulties nor financial incapacity alone is enough. Will consider families where both parents are present.


The Reedham Trust
Grants towards boarding fees to children where the home circumstances are difficult and prejudicial to the child eg death of one or both parents, mental or physical ill health of parent(s), divorce or separation. The child’s social and educational needs are taken into consideration.


Frank Buttle Trust
Grants for day or boarding education when children (normally 11-16) are facing severe social, emotional or health problems and are lacking full parental support. Grants are not given when the need is founded on educational or religious preference or when the single fundamental problem is financial hardship.


Educational Trust Forum
The Educational Trusts’ Forum started in the early 1980s as the Joint Trusts’ Liaison Committee. It changed its name in 1988. Its membership comprises registered charities that are prepared to consider grants and awards to assist families in need who cannot afford educational or boarding fees. Pupils may be at independent schools or state schools where a boarding fee is charged.
This website lists the organisations who are members of the Educational Trusts’ Forum together with a very brief summary of their individual criteria. It is intended it should be available to assist schools and parents. Those who read it will appreciate each charity is not necessarily appropriate to their situation as grants are often confined to specific categories.